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Winter Workshop

Botanical Watercolor 1:
Winter twigs and leaves

March 3-4, 2018


Join us on the first weekend in March as we say farewell to winter in this workshop on basic techniques of botanical watercolor. In this two-day workshop, we will use the winter leaves, twigs, and seed heads around us to learn how to do a sketchbook study, color-match, transfer a preliminary drawing to watercolor paper, and brush techniques. 

Materials needed

Botanical watercolor is a very precise art, and as such requires very specific materials. We have created a basic, starter paint kit for you to use which is included in the price of the workshop. This kit consists of:


  • 12 professional grade pigments and a small palette box in which to store them

  • a professional grade Kolinsky sable watercolor brush (Winsor and Newton Size 1) 

  • watercolor and tracing paper 

In addition to the kit we provide, you will need to bring the following:

  • two small water containers (such as plastic cups or recycled tuna cans)

  • a drawing board of some kind, to which to attach the watercolor paper, approximately 10"x14" (this can be something as simple as a piece of Masonite) 

  • a sketchbook

  • drawing pencils

  • a divider for measuring specimens

  • a magnifying glass

  • a sack lunch (or be prepared to go across the street for a hamburger or taco)

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